The luscious berries unified together in a harmonious proportion bring out this utterly delicious jam. PURE BERRY’S THREE BERRIES JAM is the delightful melange of the ripe, sweet and lush strawberries, raspberries &mulberries. Loaded with antioxidants, fibre and healthy nutrients, berries are also good for the skin. Power-packed with the boon of all the three berries, this Jam is a delicious treat. Utterly appetizing taste and aroma, vivid hue, smooth texture and also the real berries in the jam is a zesty surprise. This delicious jam with the goodness of three berries will indeed give your savoury bread a taste to die for!

Unexplainably delicious with a sweet and pleasantly tangy taste, this jam has got a taste to die for. Get your bread, chapatti or paratha and spread evenly to experience the blast of flavour and deliciousness. Made from brightly coloured and ripe berries, Pure Berry’s Three Berries jam has indeed got what we desire!

TASTE:  Sweet and pleasantly tangy. The overpowering pure taste of berries.   


PACK: 400 gm

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

400 gms
400 gms