Missing those seasonal strawberries? Here’s we have it preserved for you! Strawberries have ample amounts of vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. Pure Berry’s Strawberry Preserve is 60% whole strawberry fruit and certainly carries all the benefits. Made from freshly handpicked ripe and red strawberries, the preserve can bring wonder taste to your bread or chapati. The candy tangy taste with a hint of strawberry seeds provides a delectable flavor. The chunks of strawberry in the preserve will give you the feeling of having the real fruit itself. So next time, when you think of giving your bread an irresistible taste you know what Preserve to go for!


TASTE:  Sweet and Pleasantly Tangy. The vivid real taste of strawberry mixed with sweetness.


PACK: 350 gm Bottle

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To keep refrigerated after opening.

350 gms
350 gms