PURE GOLD, the name itself exudes PURITY, introduces the regal Sweet Indian delicacy “Gulkand”.

Pure Gold’s Gulkand is a homemade product and prepared in a very small quantity, in order to deliver you the premium quality product. Made by using the finest quality rose petals, the Gulkand prepared is truly a supreme one.

The superior quality of rose petals is picked and followed by the arduous process of sun cooking them and long procedure of curing. Mixed with pure cane sugar in the balanced composition results in this sweet delicious preserve “Gulkand”. With no additives, no preservatives & no artificial color added,  we assure you the purity of our product.

Since ages, Gulkand is used as a medicine as it is a natural coolant. Gulkand possesses immense health benefits. Apart from this,  Gulkand has traditionally been associated with regal recipes and used in a wide variety of desserts and bakery products.

Scrumptious and exotic, we provide you with an extraordinary “rose experience”. Just a spoonful of  Pure Gold Gulkand will certainly make you fall for it!


TASTE:  Sweet  


PACK: 170 Grams when packed

INGREDIENTS: Rose petals & Sugar

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 18 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in cool & dry place

USAGE: Suitable for all age groups. It can be used for rose-based recipes or as cookie fillings or can be directly eaten as it is.


Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. It's of a great help to people suffering from Acidity, Stomach Disorders, Body Odour or Fatigue.


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