Organic unpolished Indrayani

Indrayani rice, especially unpolished organic Indrayani rice helps regulate and improve bowel movements and stabilize blood sugar levels. For those who worry about aging lines and wrinkles, eat this delicious bowl of rice on a daily basis and banish your age troubles!  It also provides essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the functioning of your organs.  The other amazing benefits of Indrayani rice include its ability to boost skin health, increase metabolism, and reduce high blood pressure. So go on, eat that bowl of rice without guilt, and watch your health troubles melt away!

Indrayani is one of the many varieties of rice, which is cultivated majorly in the Malwa region of Maharashtra. It is known for being an instant powerhouse of energy and is 100% organically grown. It’s packed with nutrients that provide instant energy, becoming a staple for athletes and farmers. Indrayani rice has a fragrant aroma which is appetizing! The texture of Indrayani rice is sticky and it can be used for any kind of rice dish. Have it daily and keep your skin healthy, reduce blood pressure and aid weight loss.

1 Kg
1 Kg

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