If you dream of your favourite juicy oranges to be your toast companion, then you are in luck. We have Pure Berry’s Orange Marmalade Preserve specifically crafted straight from nature’s courtyard. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C, a great friend for your skin helps in lowering cholesterol and to the top of it, a fruit with great taste and colour. This preserve is undeniably the excellent version of this fruit. The sweet and tangy orange pulp consists of 40% whereas the bitter orange peels make to 20% combined well with pure cane sugar and other essentials to bring out this utterly sensational and mouth-watering preserve. The addictive aroma and tantalizing flavour will leave you tempting for more!

TASTE:  Pleasant sweet bitter and tangy taste. The strong taste of orange gets very real.    


PACK: 350 gms

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in the refrigerator after opening.   

350 gms
350 gms