Do you suffer from food swings and crave varied flavours? Pure Berry’s Mulberry Preserve may become your ultimate desire. Handpicked ripe and bright mulberries, straight from the farm is bottled up to give you the real taste and flavour of your favourite berry. Mulberry is a wonder berry, packed with iron and rich in vitamin C. Moreover they also contain potassium and vitamin K. Maintaining our tagline of exuding purity, We at Pure Berry ensures to provide you with the real goodness of the fruit by adding maximum as to 60% of whole mulberry fruit and the rest is pure cane sugar with no gluten or preservative. For all the sweet lovers, this preserve is a special treat. You and your kids will love spreading it on your bread or chapatti as it smoothly slides and gives your bread a heavenly taste!

TASTE:  Sweet and Tangy. Overpowering taste of mulberry. 


PACK: 350 gms

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in the refrigerator after opening

350 gms
350 gms