Litchi Crush

The soft, fleshy and translucent fruit has more to it than meets the eye. It boosts your immune system, aids blood circulation and apart from this, has a high dose of Vitamin C, which helps keep your skin healthy. It also has a high water content, which is why it is mostly consumed in summers. But this delicious fruit in our Pure Berrys Litchi Crush does not lose any of its benefits! Mix with cold milk soda and serve something new to your guests!

Pure Berrys Litchi Crush is a combination of all the benefits of litchi with the availability of a healthier option all year round. Loaded with dietary fibres, litchi is a must if you face pesky problems like constipation or other tummy problems. Apart from this, it improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and is also so, so good for your skin! 


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