Wheat Flour (Khaply)

Wheat khapli flour is commonly used in Indian kitchens. It’s a healthier variety of wheat flour which is a good option for diabetic patients or patients with gluten allergies. It is full of iron and phosphorus, it is a superfood for people who have anemia or low bone health. Make delicious rotis with wheat flour and gulp them with hot curries and jaggery. Use wheat khapli flour to make rotis at least once a week and see the wonders it works for your health! Make fluffy, hot rotis to eat with delicious curries and watch your health troubles melt away in an instant. 

Traditionally used to make rotis, or porridge, wheat flour is an Indian kitchen staple. Make a delicious sweet pudding with wheat flour and enjoy it as a healthy pre-gym snack!  It’s a good source of nutrition for diabetic patients and a great choice for people who want to lose weight in a healthy manner. Incorporate wheat in your daily diet through rotis. Add wheat flour rotis to your daily diet and enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the taste.

1 Kg
1 Kg

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