A medley of tart & sweet kiwi, Pure Berry’s Kiwi preserve is pure bliss. Kiwi being the mart of vitamins, this jam brings all the goodness packed in the bottle. The delicious, sweet, tart and complex flavour will give a punch to your everyday breakfast.  Spread it on your bread or chapati and you would love the feel, the aroma and the colour which will compel you to devour it quickly. Our preserves are maximum fruit pulp and minimal artificial flavours are used thus giving you the richness of real fruit. Sit back &enjoy the flavoursome preserve!

TASTE:  Sweet, tangy & pleasantly tart. The tarty kiwi taste clearly noticeable    


PACK: 350 gm

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in the refrigerator after opening

350 gms
350 gms