From the pristine valleys of Mahabaleshwar, karvi honey is collected once in seven years making it rare and special. Karvi Honey is procured from the flora named Pleocaulus Litchi plant commonly known as Karvy flowers which burst into bloom only in the eighth year. The honey obtained from the nectar of this flower is not only yummy in taste but also possess ample of health benefits. Karvi honey apart from other health benefits is especially recommended in calcium richness for bones and bodybuilding. We at Pure Gold ensures the purity of the product. The impurities are removed and what is packed is authentic and pure. Give a healthy twist to your diet. Go for Pure Gold’s Karvi Honey!

Benefits of Karvi Honey

  1. It possesses all the benefits of Natural Honey
  2. Especially beneficial in calcium richness and also in muscle building.


100% PURE

PURE GOLD HONEY is gluten-free, with no preservatives added. We bring you the purest honey so that you can enjoy what nature intended to.



It can be consumed directly by all age groups.

It can be used as a natural sweetener for drinks and desserts.



Do not refrigerate

Keep at room temperature.



To be consumed before 18 months of the manufacturing date.

500 ml
500 ml
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