Jasmine Tea

Not only very healthy but also super tasty and aromatic, Jasmine tea is easy to add to your diet. The fragrant, floral aroma will fill your house, calming your nerves and filling your taste buds with a sweet, subtle taste. Typically made from green tea leaves, Jasmine tea provides the same health benefits as green tea would. It’s loaded with powerful plant-based compounds called polyphenols that help protect your cells against free radical damage and act as antioxidants. Jasmine tea is loaded with powerful plant-based compounds known as polyphenols. The effects of free radical damage, which has been linked to serious heart diseases and many types of cancer, can be kept at bay by drinking a cup of fragrant jasmine tea every day, or every other day. The polyphenols also help reduce the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s.

Fragrant and relaxing; jasmine tea should be a regular in your diet! Drinking jasmine tea will help you lose weight healthily by speeding up your metabolism. It’s rich in catechins, which are a kind of polyphenol that prevents tooth decay and cavities and kills plaque-forming bacteria. Apart from reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, jasmine tea helps boost brain function. Packed with antioxidants, drink this tea at least thrice a week to stay calm and relaxed. Delicious and easy to add to your diet, jasmine tea will refresh your mood like no other! 

750 ml
750 ml

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