Jaggery Palm

Jaggery is a sweet sugar substitute that is best consumed during winter months. It is rich in many vital nutrients and minerals and it boosts immunity. Especially during winter, it keeps the body warm and controls the temperature of the body. It’s a natural alternative for the medicine to treat cold and cough and is a natural sweetener, which you can substitute in your tea or coffee for a healthy dose. It also activates natural digestive enzymes in the body which helps prevent constipation and helps you keep your gut healthy. Have a small piece of jaggery after your lunch to kick-start the digestion process, which is the key to good health. It also helps cleanse the liver by flushing out harmful toxins.  Mix a piece of jaggery with warm water and drink up to keep colds at bay.

Jaggery is a sweet candy which is a natural sweetener and a staple in many Indians kitchens. It is available in powder form, palm jaggery form, or liquid (kakvi) form. Jaggery is usually consumed in winters because it has a warming effect on the body. One of its most beneficial effects is that it is a natural blood purifier. Loaded with antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium, jaggery helps prevent free radical damage which causes skin cancer and other skin diseases. Apart from increasing the hemoglobin count in the body, it eases menstrual pain.  Eating a piece of jaggery daily can prevent anemia because it is rich in iron and folate.

450 gms
450 gms

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