Pure Gold brings a very special type of honey,” Gella Honey” in its most pure form. While the natural honey is obtained from varieties of flowers, Gella honey confines to only one special flower “Gella” grown in the Sahyadri valleys. The nectar is collected in the month of May. Gella honey contains active enzymes and is good for the eyes. It can also be used as a natural health tonic. We promise you the authenticity of our products. As the name itself, “Pure Gold’s Gella honey is so pure that you can be nature sure. Just a spoonful of the product is enough to immerse you in the goodness!


Benefits of Gella Honey

  1. It can serve as an efficient health tonic if consumed regularly in a proportionate amount.
  2. The nectar of special Gella flowers contains active enzymes that provide nutritional value.
  3. This special honey is very good for eyes.
  4. It can serve as the perfect tonic for brain.


100% PURE

PURE GOLD HONEY is gluten-free, with no preservatives added. We bring you the purest honey so that you can enjoy what nature intended to.



It can be consumed directly by all age groups.

It can be used as a natural sweetener for drinks and desserts.



Do not refrigerate

Keep at room temperature



To be consumed before 18 months of the manufacturing date.

500 ml
500 ml

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