Bajra Flour

Bajra flour is used to make various dishes and savoury items in Rajasthani, Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines. It is full of iron and phosphorus, which makes it a superfood for people who have anaemia or low bone health. Sharpen your brain by consuming bajra flour dishes at least twice a week because it contains nutrients which are important for cognitive thinking, improving memory function and also to increase energy levels.

Bajra flour is traditionally used to make Rotis,  khichri (savoury dish) or porridge. It’s a winter cereal because it keeps your body warm and maintains the appropriate temperature. It can also be used in a salad, south Indian dishes, etc. You can add it to your dosa batter and make delicious and nutritious dosas. Eat it at least once a week to reap its amazing benefits. Make a delicious sweet pudding with bajra flour and enjoy it on a cold winter or rainy morning! 

1 Kg
1 Kg

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