Tired of the same routine flavours on your toast? Try PURE BERRY’S APPLE CINNAMON PRESERVE for a delectable and a refreshing change for your breakfast! We bring you the most unusual combination in the most delicious form. The benefits of apple are well known as it is the miracle fruit and the medicinal properties of cinnamon can’t be ignored. We at Pure Berry’s have stringent quality checks to ensure the purity of our ingredients. The end result is not only delicious but also pure. This preserve is sweet, tangy, and pleasantly tart and is sure to trigger your taste buds and leave you wanting for more. Sit back and enjoy the best of both worlds!

TASTE:  Sweet and Spicy. The intense taste of apple and cinnamon noted    


PACK: 350 gms

STORAGE & CARE: To be consumed before 6 months from the manufacture date

To be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

350 gms
350 gms