Pure Gold



Our oldest and most valued brand, Pure Gold was the result of sheer dedication and hard work by our founder Mr. Husain Mala. He was keen to provide the human kind only what nature intended to. He toiled for years in learning and maintaining bee hives and finally was successful to present his first product, the finest and the purest Honey under the brand Pure Gold in the year 1979 He was immensely amazed by the golden vibrant hues of honey and of course it was pure, hence the name. Sold with the confidence of serving you pure and true has made it quite popular and trusted. And we surely know to keep up the promise!


Seven Year's

Years it takes Karvi flowers to bloom. Karvi Honey is indeed a rarity.

2 million

The nectar collected from 2 million flowers make only a pound of honey.

17th C

Cheese was introduced to Indians by the Portuguese in 17th C. Bottles of Pure Gold Honey sold every year

Most stolen food

The most stolen food in the world is cheese


  • Pure Gold started with few bottles of honey and was well received by the buyers.

  • Karvi, Gella, Jamun honey were added.

  • Experimented in producing Gulkand and successfully brought it in the market.

  • Well developed technical unit was set up for bottling and other manufacturing work.

  • Cheese factory was established and the production of varieties of processed cheese started.