Pure Berry's



Our love for vibrant and colorful berries led us to the launch of our utterly fruitilicious brand “Pure Berry’s”. We know every person from kids to Septuagenarians love fruit jams and our delicious three berries jam got a fantastic start when it was launched in the year 1995. This marked the beginning of our fruitful journey and now we have approx. 150+ products under 10 varieties from preserves, crushes, syrups, cordials, and so on. No matter what fruit you love, Pure Berry’s love to innovate with fruits and other natural varieties pouring it to your glass while maintaining the real benefit of the fruit. We are all geared to brighten your table since 1995.


Huge Production

Tons of strawberries are processed every year.


Our products contain 60% real fruit pulp


Strawberry was introduced by the British. It is not native to Mahabaleshwar.


Loud music makes you drink more and faster!


  • Pure Berry’s was launched with their first product “Three Berries Jam”.

  • Gaining confidence by the positive response of the consumers, other fruit preserves were launched. At present, we have eight varieties of fruit preserves. Three berries jam is still the most loved among all.

  • We tried our hand at fruit crush and were able to present it to our dear consumers in five different fruits variety.

  • We became truly unstoppable as we launched series of products in different flavours and tastes. These included fruity jelly bites, syrups and fillings. We experimented with unusual ingredients and flavours. And were delighted to launch in total seventeen types of crush and fourteen types of syrups.

  • “Mojito”, our most exquisite category was launched in this year initially with two flavours. Later on we progressed and currently we have 9 flavours.

  • Our trial, error, repeat, progress cycle continues. We are constantly on the heels to innovate and brighten your table. At present we have 150+ products under 8 categories.