Paradise Cafe



Our first brand Paradise Café was a humble start but we were proud to know that we were the 1st bistro offering Frankie. Our menu stood out from other outlets back in 1979 making it quite popular among youngsters. From then on we have made many pleasant changes over the years and have also expanded to another café named “Café Berry’s. Soulful space, scrumptious vittles’ and our top-notch service. We have all to offer you at our twin café. A short and sweet menu serves you the snacks which suit everyone. Fried Oreo with ice cream is our special treat which is worth trying.


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  • Establishment of Paradise Café. The menu mainly included Chinese & Mughlai cuisines. Frankie was served and we introduced “Frankie” to the people of Panchgani.

  • Expanded to another café at the courtyard of Pure Gold. We named them Café Berry’s.

  • As we are always open for innovation and creativity, timely changes were done in the menu and facilities provided to the customers.

  • Paradise Café has been given a total makeover and the menu is revised. The new interior is much more brighter, appealing and serene.