Neem Honey

Pure Gold Neem Honey is a rich, dark-tinted honey with a tinge of gingerbread. It’s warm, and what’s more it combines the benefits of neem and honey to be a superfood! Pure Gold Neem Honey is kept raw and unheated, which preserves its delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities. Neem honey is highly recommended to treat serious health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, acne and pimples, etc. It also combines the healing effects of honey and neem, which make it your go-to choice for skincare. Just dab it on the affected areas, leave for 20 mins and rinse with warm water. See the effects in a week! It can also be applied to heal minor cuts, scratches and burns. Apart from this, neem honey contains powerful antioxidants that help keep your skin flushed from toxins and glowing! It promotes digestive health, keeping your gut free from harmful bacteria, balances sugar levels in your body and relieves pain.

Pure Berrys Neem Honey is made from the choicest of beehives found in neem trees in the South India region. Apart from containing powerful antioxidants, neem honey also helps you heal any kind of rashes, itches, burns, or allergies. Pesky colds and coughs keeping you up at night? Mix a spoonful of neem honey in warm ginger tea and watch your health brighten up almost immediately! A spoonful of Neem honey in your daily detox drink will do wonders for your skin and your health. Buy now at affordable prices!

750 ml
750 ml

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